Veterinary Medicine News
Vol. 22 No. 1, Spring/Summer 2005

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Article/TopicPage No.PDF File Size
Veterinary Medicine Instructional Facility Scheduled for Completion in 2006 (cont'd. on p. 12) 1(PDF: 1p, 60KB)

Western Institute for Food Safety and Security (WIFSS) Receives Federal Training Grant to Protect California Food

2(PDF: 1p, 36KB)
UC Davis Is Partner in Homeland Security Research Center
Alumni Join Forces to Assist Colleagues in Kuwait and Iraq
3(PDF: 1p, 28KB)
Center for Companion Animal Health (CCAH) Opens with Ribbon-Biting Ceremony 4(PDF: 1p, 52KB)
Shelter Medicine Program Aims for Healthier, Adoptable Companion Animals 5(PDF: 1p, 40KB)
New Faculty Members 6(PDF: 1p, 32KB)

New Faculty Members
Hill's Pet Nutrition Inc. Sponsors Nutrition Education Programs

7(PDF: 1p, 36KB)
First Cross-Commodity Disaster Management Specialist Begins Research and Outreach
Clinicians Examine Giant Pandas
Belgian Cat receives Kidney Transplant
8(PDF: 1p, 52KB)
Class of '83 Celebrates 20-Year Reunion Weekend
Alumni Day Brings together Classmates
Alumni Receive Achievement Award
9(PDF: 1p, 80KB)
Kudos (cont'd. on p. 11)10(PDF: 1p, 32KB)
Kudos (cont'd. from p. 10); In Memoriam11(PDF: 1p, 36KB)
Instructional Facility (VMIF) (cont'd from p. 1)12(PDF: 1p, 76KB
Planning for the Future: The Heritage Society for Animals
50th Reuinion Tradition Continues
Creative Support for Veterinary Medicine
13(PDF: 1p, 44KB)
Honor Roll of Donors to the Veterinary Medicine Instructional Facility14(PDF: 1p, 16KB)
Honor Roll of Donors to the Veterinary Medicine Instructional Facility (cont'd from page 14)
"Take a Seat" in the Instructional Heart of the School
15(PDF: 1p, 32KB)
Center for Continuing Professional Education 2005 Calendar16(PDF: 1p, 28KB)


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