Veterinary Medicine News
Vol. 23 No. 2, Summer 2006

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Article/TopicPage No.PDF File Size
Classrooms Dedication: School Takes Major Step in Facilities Plan as Gladys Valley Hall Opens (Cont'd on page 3) 1PDF: 1p, 124KB

Researchers Identify Feline Gene Mutation That Causes Heart Disease
Toxicology Stud Links Thimerosal to Immnune Dysfunction in Mice
Air Sampler May Speed Diagnosis of Bird Flu

2PDF: 1p, 60KB
Classrooms Dedication cont'd
Ongoing Facilities Commitment: Next Step Requires Bond Passage
3PDF: 1p, 136KB
Faculty-Practitioner Collaboration Ensures Rigorous, Fair Admissions Process
A Practitioner's Perspective

Sea Otter Death and Decline: Tracking Toxoplasma
4PDF: 1p, 76KB
Alumni Achievement: Three Honored with School's Highest Award
UCVMC–San Diego:"Tail Wagging" Event Celebrates New Digs
Commencement 2006: School Graduates 122 New Veterinarians
New Members Welcomed to the Heritage Society for Animals
5PDF: 1p, 124KB
Epidemiologists Develop Animal Disease Modeling and Surveillance Strategies 6PDF: 1p, 72KB

The SeaDoc Society: From Conversation to Conservation
Removing California's Derelict Fishing Gear
Pathology Graduate Scholarship Honors Donald Dungworth

7PDF: 1p, 104KB
Continuing Education Calendar: 2006 Programs for Veterinarians and RVTs, Veterinary Technicians and Veterinary Assistants 8PDF: 1p, 64KB


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