Veterinary Medicine News
Vol. 24 No. 2, Spring 2007

Download the complete newsletter (PDF: 8 pp, 508 KB) or choose individual (PDF) pages from the table below:

Article/TopicPage No.PDF File Size
UC Presses for Enrollment Growth (cont'd on page 3)
Acupuncture Arrives at Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital
1PDF: 1p, 128KB
Vet Med III B: On the Drawing Board
Clinical Teaching Facility Named for Gary Gourley
Innovations—CERE, CREST and Clickers—Enhance Teaching
2PDF: 1p, 112KB
Veterinarians Repair Wild Bird Wing
UC Presses for Enrollment Growth (cont'd from page 1)
3PDF: 1p, 104KB
Local Wildfire Demonstrates Power of Disaster Planning and Response 4PDF: 1p, 100KB
New: Clinical Nutrition Services in Southern California
School Volunteers Aid Community Effort (Spay Day 2007)
5PDF: 1p, 80KB
Introducing the School's Newest Faculty Members 6PDF: 1p, 132KB
Dean's Club Honor Roll
The Peter J. Kennedy Memorial Fellowship: An Enduring Tribute
New Society Honors Longtime Donors
7PDF: 1p, 44KB
School Continues Plans for Dairy Technology Center
Continuing Professional Education Calendar
8PDF: 1p, 76KB


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