Veterinary Medicine News
Vol. 26 No. 3, Summer 2009

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  • Equine Stem Cell Therapy: Regenerative Medicine Laboratory Opens
  • One Health Program Cares for Wild Mountain Gorillas and Human Neighbors
  • Funding Crunch Yields Layoffs, Lab Closure
  • Graduates Celebrate Family, Friends and the Bond with Animals
  • Deans Receive High Honors for Leadership
  • School Honors Alumni
  • Owner or Guardian—Does Terminology Choice Affect Human-Animal Bond?
  • Food Safety: FDA Funding Expands Specialty Crops Research
  • Food Safety: Leafy Greens Studies Are Launched
  • Low Levels of PCBs Alter Brain Cells
  • Awards Acknowledge Scholarship, Leadership and Scientific Excellence
  • School Showcases Clinical Care and Studies to Improve Animal Health
  • Practitioner, Faculty Select Students


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