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Total costs at the VMTH are usually comparable to those of veterinarians in private practice. However, the veterinary medical needs of animals vary widely, according to their illnesses or injuries. Please discuss the estimated cost of your animal’s medical treatment with the veterinarian in charge of the case when your animal is admitted. Please be advised, however, that it is not possible for our veterinarians to determine the exact cost of diagnosing and treating your animal. Since no two animals’ ailments or responses are identical, the numbers and kinds of tests and treatments required can seldom be precisely predicted at the time of admission. Our clinicians will do their best to keep you informed of any changes in the estimate every step of the way.

Full payment for services is required at the end of your visit. If your animal is admitted for diagnosis or treatment for estimates that exceed $3000, a deposit of 100% of the lower end of the estimate will be expected at the time of admission. The deposit for estimates of $3000 and lower is 50% of the high end of the estimate. The VMTH accepts cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and ATM debit cards. When in the course of treatment it becomes apparent that the cost of your animal’s treatment will exceed the original estimate, it is our policy to notify you. If you elect to continue treatment of your animal, an additional deposit may be required. You should also be aware that, even though payment in full is required at the time of discharge, our discharge office may not always be aware of all the charges for which you will be responsible. Therefore, you may be billed by mail for "supplemental" charges.

For billing concerns, please email: