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SVM News & Events - September 13, 2017
Equine PET Scanning Marks First Anniversary

Advance - Fall 2017
Hospital Equipment Advances Treatments

HorseTalk - July 2, 2017
Bella's Riders Back in Saddle, Thanks to High-Tech PET and CT Scan

UC Davis Vet Med YouTube - June 27, 2017
UC Davis Equine CT Scan

Heartbeat - Spring 2017
Veterinary Technician Develops State-of-the-Art Large Animal CT Table

CCAH Update - Spring 2017
Training a New Generation of Faculty

The Horse - March 8, 2017
PET Scan: A New Diagnostic Imaging Option for Horses

Advance - Winter 2017
Imaging Modalities Help Translate Research to Clinical Care

UC Davis Vet Med YouTube - January 3, 2017
Pioneering Care Through Advanced Imaging

KXTV-TV, ABC Sacramento - November 21, 2016
UC Davis Bone Scans Improving Lives of Racehorses

SVM News & Events - November 11, 2016
Equine PET Scanner Showing Success at UC Davis Veterinary Hospital

Equine Chronicle - October 2016
Taking a Look Inside: Advancements in Equine Imaging

Horse Report - Fall 2016
Advancements in Hospital Care

HorseTalk - May 22, 2016
New PET Scanner for Horses a World First

NBC Bay Area - February 17, 2016
UC Davis Treats Injured, Abandoned Foal

Heartbeat - January/February 2016
New Clinicians Join Veterinary Hospital

Heartbeat (Special Edition) - Fall 2015
Joining Forces to Help Patients

The Horse - August 12, 2015
Hoof Radiographs: More Than Meets the Eye

Veterinary Medicine News - Summer 2015
The Unsung Heroes of Clinical Care

SVM News & Events - April 30, 2015
Breakthrough in Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging: UC Davis Veterinary Radiology Performs First PET Scan on Horse