Anatomic Pathology Service

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Welcome to the Anatomic Pathology Service, where we provide comprehensive professional necropsy and biopsy diagnostic services, while educating future pathologists and veterinarians. The Anatomic Pathology Service includes highly qualified, board-certified pathologists and residents in one of the nation’s largest veterinary anatomic pathology residency programs. We see species of all types and sizes, from tarantulas to elephants. Deceased animals are examined grossly and microscopically to determine the cause of death and characterize other underlying diseases. Biopsies are examined to determine the nature of the disease so that appropriate treatment can be administered. Both biopsy and necropsy cases provide valuable teaching material and advance veterinary medicine by contributing new knowledge to help unlock the hidden mysteries of the diseases of animals.  

If you are interested in supporting the Anatomic Pathology Service, we encourage you to contribute to the Peter C. Kennedy Fund to help graduate and resident training programs with the Anatomic Pathology Service. Contributions to the fund can be made at:

On that page, select “Peter C. Kennedy Endowed Fellowship” under “What Can I Support?”