Clinical Activities and Procedures

Photo: Alpaca

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The Camelid Medicine Service has a wide range of clinical activities and procedures available to camelid owners and ranchers. From routine maintenance to advanced surgical procedures, the Large Animal Clinic is able to assist your camelids.

Routine procedures provided by the Camelid Medicine Service include: 

  • Vaccinations
  • Dewormings
  • Castrations
  • Toenail trimmings

Advanced procedures provided by the Camelid Medicine Service include:

  • Cria Medicine
  • Critical and Intensive Care
  • Dentistry
  • Emergency Care
  • Lameness Evaluation
  • Medicine
  • Reproduction
  • Surgery

The Camelid Medicine Service allows SVM students the opportunity to gain valuable experience in handling and treating llamas and alpacas. With the majority of large animal cases seen by students being horses and cows, the opportunity to work with camelids is a unique and important experience for our soon-to-be veterinarians.

To learn more about these procedures or to schedule an appointment, please call the Large Animal Clinic at 530-752-0290.