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UC Davis Vet Med YouTube - July 10, 2017
Foal Care at UC Davis

Davis Enterprise - June 14, 2017
Clydesdales Bunk at UC Davis Horse Barn

SVM News & Events - June 9, 2017
UC Davis Veterinarians Return Undergraduate Student’s Horse to Competition Level Following Accident

Modern Equine Vet - June 2016
Colic: A Tale of Two Entrapments

The Horse - February 3, 2016
Do You Vaccinate Your Horse for Rabies?

SVM News & Events - September 21, 2015
UC Davis Veterinarians Work Around the Clock to Care for Fire Victims

HorseTalk - October 1, 2014
HYPP: Getting to Grips with Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis

HorseTalk - September 18, 2014
Pigeon Fever in Horses on Rise Across the US, Study Confirms

Practical Horseman - August 2014
Protect Your Horse From Heat Stress

The Horse - August 26, 2013
Pigeon Fever: It has Nothing to do with Birds

SVM News & Events - June 27, 2013
Field Services Makes "House Calls"