Photo: Equine Integrated Sports Medicine Service

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Claire Giannini Hoffman Equine Athletic Performance Laboratory

Capabilities in equine sports medicine have recently been enhanced significantly by completion of the Claire Giannini Hoffman Equine Athletic Performance Laboratory (EAPL). This state-of-the art, climate-controlled facility includes two high-speed Mustang treadmills, a video motion analysis system, and the laboratory equipment and support necessary to perform in-depth investigations of respiratory, cardiac, musculoskeletal, and metabolic causes of poor performance and exercise intolerance.

The treadmills in the EAPL are used to evaluate and diagnose problems that occur during exercise. These state-of-the-art treadmills allow our veterinarians to assess and monitor a horse’s breathing, heart, and muscle function while it is being exercised at speeds up to a full gallop. Our treadmills are unique in their ability to allow the horses to exercise on uphill or downhill inclines, and in their ability to gather information about the forces exerted by the horse’s hooves as they strike the ground during exercise.

The EAPL is home to an integrated multidisciplinary clinical and research equine sports medicine program anchored by Dr. Jim Jones, an internationally-renowned equine exercise physiologist, and supported by faculty from the VMTH’s Equine Surgery and Lameness, Equine Ultrasound, and Equine Medicine Services.