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UC Davis Vet Med YouTube - January 18, 2018
UC Davis Equine Surgery (Video)

KXTV-TV, ABC Sacramento - July 10, 2017
People from Across the Country Bringing Horses to UC Davis for Medical Care

HorseTalk - July 2, 2017
Bella's Riders Back in Saddle, Thanks to High-Tech PET and CT Scan

Heartbeat - Spring 2017
Surgery to Remove Bladder Stones Alleviates Cutting Horse’s Pain

Horse Report - Spring 2017
Regenerating Equine Athletes with Stem Cells

Horse Report - Spring 2017
Breathing Easier: Videoendoscopy Helps Diagnose Airway Disorders

UC Davis Vet Med YouTube - November 30, 2016
UC Davis Equine Videoendoscopy

SVM News & Events - November 29, 2016
UC Davis Equine Veterinarians Serve at Breeders’ Cup

SVM News & Events - October 21, 2016
Dr. Jorge Nieto Wins 2016 SVM Faculty Clinical Excellence Award

Comstock's - September 13, 2016
The Hard Cell: Do Stem Cell Treatments for Racehorses Hold the Key to Healing Human Athletes?

Dressage Today - September 2016
Suspensory Ligament Injuries

Paulick Report - May 26, 2016
Horse Receives Honorary Veterinary Degree from UC Davis

Los Angeles Times - May 18, 2016
A Day in the Life of Nyquist: Ice Boots, Exercise, Maybe even Acupuncture

Davis Enterprise - July 5, 2015
UC Davis Leads the Way with Stem Cell Therapy on Horses

SVM News & Events - June 13, 2014
UC Davis Adds Equine Surgeon