Equine Surgical Emergency and Critical Care Service

Photo: Equine Surgical Emergency and Critical Care Service

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The Equine Emergency Surgery and Critical Care Service is dedicated to emergency and critical care needs of equine patients. The service provides 24-hour access to specialized emergency surgery and intensive care management of colic, trauma, and orthopedic emergencies. The integration of experienced and knowledgeable clinicians, veterinary technicians and students in a fully equipped and technologically advanced facility raises the standard of care for these critically-ill horses.

Board-certified surgeons direct and supervise the care of emergency and critical care patients. Resident veterinarians and veterinary students are part of the cooperative effort involved in management of these patients. A team of certified veterinary technicians provides constant supervision and critical care monitoring for hospitalized horses at a ratio of one veterinary technician for every two critical care patients, 24-hours a day.

A fully-staffed surgical team, including board-certified surgeons and resident veterinarians, is on stand-by 24-hours per day for surgical emergencies. Board-certified anesthesiologists provide optimal anesthetic management of these critical surgical patients. Specialists in allied disciplines, such as equine medicine, reproduction and radiology, are always available to assist in the diagnosis and management of multi-system disease or complicated conditions. Diagnostic imaging is available through the Diagnostic Imaging Services and the Equine Ultrasound Service; blood typing and cross matching is performed in the hematology laboratory; and a full service diagnostic laboratory provides in-depth clinicopathological assessments.

The VMTH is proud to showcase the development of the Equine Surgical Emergency and Critical Care Service. By increasing the standard of care for emergency and critical care cases, this service enhances and expands the specialized veterinary resources available to equine patients, clients and referring veterinarians throughout California and neighboring states.