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Photo: Livestock Medicine and Surgery Service

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The Large Animal Clinic at the UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital is one of the largest veterinary facilities in the country. The professional excellence of our veterinary medical team, along with our advanced equipment and facilities, allow us to provide the best possible health care and outcomes for your livestock.

The Large Animal Clinic has excellent facilities and equipment for handling cattle, sheep, goats and swine - from the smallest goat kid to the largest bull. Chute systems allow for the safe handling of animals, and an automated tilt chute allows us to safely work on foot and lower leg problems of cattle. Cattle stocks are used for standing procedures, including surgery under local anesthesia.

Additional specialized equipment includes a large animal sling and float tank to humanely manage "downer" cattle, sheep and goats. Hospitalized livestock are housed in well-bedded box stalls or pens, and receive around-the-clock patient care.