Clinical Activities and Procedures

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Clinical Pharmacists Drug Information Services
Clinical Pharmacists provide comprehensive direct patient care services, collaborate and initiate clinical research, and promote rational drug therapy. Clinical services provided are tailored to patient care needs and include drug information, dosing advice, adverse reaction information, monitoring, pharmacokinetic monitoring and client education. Current emphasis in drug therapy management involves infectious disease consultation, oncology safety and prophylactic care following chemotherapy extravasations or overdoses.

Clinical Trials Drug Management Services
Clinical Pharmacists consult and manage drug caches for all ongoing clinical trials being conducted at the hospital and clinics. Our Pharmacy Data Sheet Is used to plan for this process.

Clinical and Didactic Teaching
Clinical Pharmacists are also involved in teaching and training of veterinary students, VMTH staff, and pharmacy students performing intern clerkships from 3 schools of pharmacy (University of California San Francisco, University of Arizona, and University of the Pacific). Our Clinical Pharmacists also teach an elective veterinary pharmacy course at the University of California, San Francisco School of Pharmacy.