Pharmaceutical Services

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Pharmaceutical Services provide systems based services including drug procurement, drug preparation, drug distribution, drug information, and drug dosage monitoring services for all patients seen at the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital (VMTH). All veterinary orders/prescriptions for medications are reviewed for appropriateness of therapy and entered into a pharmacy database. This database is available to veterinarians 24 hours/day and provides all prescription information. A central distribution area (the Main Pharmacy VMTH) and a Satellite Pharmacy (Center for Companion Animal Health) support the delivery of product-related and clinical services to patients and other veterinary health care providers of the VMTH and to veterinarians and others at other locations.

Clinical Pharmacy Specialists provide direct patient care throughout the institution. Clinical Pharmacists maintain faculty appointments throuh the Department of Medicine and Epidemiology and are active, integral members of the veterinary service teams. They assist them by providing services including; drug selection, drug dosing, drug information, medication counseling, and other patient focused services to optimize drug therapy outcomes.

Our Clinical Pharmacists also supply patient and health care provider education, participate in Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) Reporting and Medication Error Programs, participate in investigational drug research, develop drug and therapeutic policy and procedures, and other cost and quality enhancement systems.

Our strategy is to provide first class pharmaceutical care while continuing to develop methods to improve the quality of our services. To achieve this, we have ongoing inpatient and outpatient dispensing services provided by the employees of the Pharmaceutical Care Team.

Pharmaceutical care includes, but is not limited to, appropriate, accurate, and timely dispensing of medications to patients, assuring compliance with drug related regulations set by the California State Board of Pharmacy, the Veterinary Medical Board, and the Federal Government governing these practices. Professional and ethical practice is maintained at all times through adherence to the codes of professional conduct.