Info for Industry

In order to expedite dialogue between the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital and the industry, the following policies have been adopted:

1. Drug company representatives are asked to call only at the main pharmacy. Printed material, samples or information left at the pharmacy will be distributed to either specific clinicians or to the clinician(s) most likely to find the material useful.

2. The remainder of the hospital (including offices, exam rooms, barns, etc.) will be 'off-limits' without a specific appointment made with an individual clinician.

In order to contact clinicians for specific appointments, the following numbers can be used:

Large animal clinicians ...... (530)-752-0290
Ambulatory clinicians ...... (530)-752-0292
Small animal clinicians ...... (530)-752-1393

The Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital appreciates the cooperation and generosity of the industry and looks forward to a continuation of this mutually beneficial relationship.

Thank you!