William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital

Anatomic Pathology

Anatomic Pathology - Faculty / Residents / Staff

Verena Affolter, DVM, ECVP. PhD, Professor Clinical Dermatopathology
Special Interests: Dermatopathology and immunology/immunopathology
Dr. Affolter is board-certified in Veterinary Pathology and specialized in Veterinary Dermatopathology. She received her DVM from Switzerland in 1982. After completing her doctoral thesis, she continued her training in veterinary pathology at the University in Bern, Switzerland and at the Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. She specialized in pathology of skin diseases. After completing her PhD in Comparative Pathology at UC Davis, she stayed as a faculty member in anatomic pathology. Her current areas of research are histiocytic diseases in cats and dogs, lympho-proliferative diseases of the skin and progressive lymphedema in draft horses. She enjoys the close teamwork with the Dermatology Service, consulting on dermatologic cases submitted by referring pathologists as well as teaching students and residents and contributing to continual education of veterinarians. Together with Dr. Moor she is leading the Leukocyte Antigen Biology Laboratory. Spending recreational time with her horse and dog are important to her.

Robert Higgins, BVSAc, MS, PhD, Diplomate ACVP
Special Interests: Neuropathology

Kevin Keel, DVM, PhD, DACVP

Linda Lowenstine, DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACVP
Special Interests: Non-domestic, avian, marine mammal and primate pathology and infectious diseases

N. James MacLachlan, BVSc, Ph.D.
Special Interests:  Viral pathogenisis, reproductive and gastrointestinal pathology
N. James Maclachlan is Professor of Pathology and Director of the Equine Viral Disease Laboratory in the School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California-Davis (UCD). His qualifications include BVSc from Massey University, MS in Microbiology from the University of Missouri, and PhD in Comparative Pathology from the University of California. Dr. Maclachlan is a diplomate and past-President of the American College of Veterinary Pathologists, and he served for 10 years as inaugural Chair of the Department of Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology at UCD. Dr. Maclachlan's research is focused on viral diseases of livestock that impact international commerce, including bluetongue, African horse sickness, and equine viral arteritis. He is author or co-author of several books and more than 200 peer-reviewed publications, book chapters and reviews. He has served as an expert to numerous organizations including the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), the US Departments of Agriculture and Homeland Security, the European Union, and the Grayson - Jockey Club Foundation.

Charles Mohr, DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACVP
Special Interests: Biochemical and cellular pathology

Peter Moore, BVSc, PhD, Diplomate ACVP
Special Interests: Leukocyte biology, immunopathology and lymphomas

Brian Murphy, DVM, Diplomate ACVP
Special Interests: Molecular aspects of lentiviral pathogenisis, signal transduction, cytokine biology, molecular aspects of oncogenesis, bone pathology, gene therapy
Brian is interested in general mammalian and nonmammalian pathology. He has a special interest in infectious disease, orthopedic pathology and oral pathology, with a particular interest in odontogenic tumors. Laboratory research involves the study of mechanisms of lentiviral pathogenesis

Patricia A. Pesavento, DVM, Ph.D.
Special Interests: Research diagnostics and outbreak investigation in shelter animal medicine; pathology of infectious diseases
Dr. Pesavento divides her time between the diagnostic pathology service and her research interests in the identification and characterization of naturally occurring infectious diseases that arise from intensively housed animals (such as those in the shelter environment). Dr. Pesavento received her PhD in 1997 from Harvard University and DVM from UC Davis in 2000. She has been a pathologist on faculty with the Department of Pathology, Microbiology, and Immunology at the School of Veterinary Medicine at UC Davis since 2005.

Christopher Reilly, DVM, Diplomate ACVP
Special Interests: Opthalmologic pathology
Dr. Reilly is board certified in anatomic pathology, with a special interest in ophthalmic pathology. He received his DVM from The Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University in 2002, followed by a small animal internship at the Animal Medical Center in New York City. From there, he completed a fellowship in comparative ocular pathology with Dr. Dick Dubielzig at the Comparative Ocular Pathology Laboratory of Wisconsin at UW, Madison. He received his anatomic pathology training at UC Davis followed by a 1 year stint working in corporate diagnostics before returning to UC Davis in October of 2008. He is currently initiating a mail-in ocular pathology service for area veterinarians and ophthalmologists, and will be getting involved in glaucoma research with the UC Medical and Veterinary Schools. At UC Davis, he is active in training residents and 4th year veterinary students in pathology, as well as holding joint rounds with the Ophthalmology Service at the VMTH. When not immersed in ocular pathology, Dr. Reilly enjoys playing the drums, listening to music, and his dog, Morgan.

Dennis Wilson, DVM, MS, PhD, Diplomate ACVP
Special Interests: Toxicologic pathology, pulmonary pathology and hepatic pathology

Kevin Woolard, DVM


Natasha Vapniarsky - 3rd year, Standard Track
Stephen Laing - 3rd year, Lab Animal Track @ CPL and CNPRC
Steven Kubiski - 3rd year, Zoo & Wildlife Track @ SD Zoo
Ryan Traslavina - 3rd year, Lab Animal Track @ CPL and CNPRC
Sabrina McGraw - 2nd year, Zoo & Wildlife Track
Mai Mok - 2nd year, Standard Track
Kelly Keating - 2nd year, Lab Animal Track
Vivian Chen - 1st year, Standard Track
Elise LaDouceur - 1st year, Standard Track
Andrew Cartoceti - 1st year, Zoo & Wildlife Track
Christina Alarcon - 1st year, Lab Animal Track
Silvia Siso - 1st year, Standard/Neuro Track


Anatomic Pathology Service Manager

Becky Griffey
VM3A, RM: 1345, 752-1369, rmgriffey@ucdavis.edu
Administers the day-to-day operations of the service and the Histology lab.
Develops and implements new policies and procedures.
Supervises clerical, technical and student support staff.
Oversees pathology residents and senior student rotations.
Residency application coordinator.
Facility and safety manager.

Administrative Office Staff

Monica Kratochvil, R.V.T.
VM3A, RM: 1346, 752-8511, mskratochvil@vmth.ucdavis.edu
Accessions, billing, transcription, clerical duties, carcass inventory management and miscellaneous.

VM3A, RM: 1346, 752-1368,
Accessions, billing, clerical duties, carcass inventory management and miscellaneous.

Necropsy Technical Staff

Matt Nichols, SRA
VM3A, RM: 1341, 754-1402, mbnichols@vmth.ucdavis.edu
Necropsy and histology lab assistant, facility maintenance, cleaning and supply custodian and cooler inventory.

Marty Ynostroza, SRA
VM3A RM: 1341, 754-1402, mynostroza@vmth.ucdavis.edu
Necropsy and histology lab assistant, facility maintenance, cleaning and supply custodian and cooler inventory.

Histopathology Laboratory Staff

Barry Puget – Clin. Med. Tech/Histotechnician,  Supervisor
VM3A, RM: 1326, 752-3462, bjpuget@ucdavis.edu

Kurt Takahashi – SRA, Histotechnician
VM3A, RM: 1326, 752-3462, kjtakahashi@ucdavis.edu

Christopher Kwong – SRA, Histotechnician
VM3A, RM: 1326, 752-3462, alphabet2543@yahoo.com

Michael Manzer – SRA, Immunohistochemist (IHC)
VM3A, RM: 1326, 752-3462, mdmanzer@ucdavis.edu

Student employees

Kristen Pitsenbarger – Necropsy facility cleaners

Emillie Casalegno – Tissue bagger and slide filer