Anesthesia/Critical Patient Care Service

Photo: Emergency and Critical Care Service – Emergency Room

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Welcome to the Anesthesia/Critical Patient Care Service at the UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, where we are dedicated to our mission of educating future veterinarians and residents in the discipline and practice of anesthesiology and providing superior clinical service to our patients and referring veterinarians. The Anesthesia/Critical Patient Care Service consists of nine anesthesiologists, eight of whom are board certified. The VMTH is the only veterinary hospital in Norhtern California with multiple board-certified anesthesiologists. We manage most of the patients that are anesthetized at the VMTH and provide dedicated attention to each patient before, during and after anesthesia. Our faculty members have all completed advanced training in veterinary anesthesiology and supervise the care provided by residents, technicians and senior veterinary students. We are also dedicated to the management of perioperative pain and use many different approaches and collaborate with the primary clinicians to ensure the comfort of our patients.