William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital

Photo: Wolfgang the cat
Wolfgang the Persian cat poses for his Christmas photo.

Feline Inappropriate Elimination


Wolfgang is a 6 year old male castrated Persian that originally presented for urinating outside of the litterbox.  He was diagnosed with urine marking, as he was spraying small amounts of urine in socially significant areas around the house, as well litterbox and litter aversion causing inappropriate toileting behavior.  His urine marking partly stemmed from some of his fighting with one of the other household cats, Belle, a female spayed Persian.  He was successfully treated with environmental management (moving and adding litterboxes), behavior modification (getting him more comfortable with Belle via gradual desensitization and counterconditioning and a "House of Plenty"), and medication.  We prescribed fluoxetine (generic of Prozac), an SSRI, to help decrease his stress and anxiety, therefore decreasing his desire to spray.  With diligence on his owner's part, Wolfgang's behavior drastically improved.