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Case 13

Event Recorder

In order to determine if an arrhythmia was the cause of Daisy's syncopal events, an event recorder was placed on her. This device is an ECG recording device hooked up to wires and then electrodes which are adhesed to either side of the chest. The recording device is a continuous loop that records about 5 minutes of ECG continuously. For the first 5 minutes the tape (or other medium) is filled with the first 5 minutes of ECG. At 5 minutes and 1 second, the ECG is recorded over the first part of the previous recording. This goes on continuously. Daisy's owner was instructed to depress a button the device when he noticed her having another syncopal event. When he did this, the two minutes before the event was left intact and the device continued to record the ECG for another 3 minutes and then stopped. He did this and when the tape was analyzed there was no evidence of an arrhythmia that could have caused the syncopal event. All that occurred was some sinus tachycardia right after the event.


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