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Cardiovascular Medicine

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Case 15

Presenting Complaint

bulletRecheck skin and ears


bulletNine-year-old MC golden retriever weighing 42 kg ("Mac")


bulletThis dog has a long history of problems including ventral slot surgery for a type II cervical disk protrusion at C6-7, right front leg lameness (no radiographic changes), seborrhea oleosa, membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis (increased urine protein/creatinine ratio), urinary tract infection, and hypothyroidism.
bulletHe is here today to get his skin and ears rechecked.
bulletHe is on prednisolone therapy for suspected cervical neuritis causing his right front leg lameness.

Physical Examination

bulletT: 101.4; Resp: Pant; Heart rate: 126
bulletGeneral condition: Bright, alert, and happy
bulletSkin: Skin around head and neck not as thick as last recheck exam. Seborrhea still present
bulletMusculoskeletal: No lameness noted. Dog is moving freely.
bulletNo other abnormalities noted.


bulletMac will stay over night for a therapeutic bath tomorrow.


bulletAt 7:00 PM the ward technician found Mac collapsed in his cage. He was taken to ICU where a tachycardia was identified. His mucous membranes were white and his capillary refill time was prolonged. His femoral pulse was very weak to nonexistent. An ECG was obtained (next page).


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