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Case 16


This case is no diagnostic challenge. The dog has systemic hypertension secondary to renal disease/failure. One does need to know what is considered severe systemic hypertension, however. In humans, a diastolic systemic blood pressure of 130 mmHg or greater is considered a hypertensive crisis since this degree of hypertension can lead to clinical sequelae. This dog had a diastolic blood pressure of 130 mmHg and had bilateral retinal hemorrhage and neurologic signs that could be compatible with brain hemorrhage. Consequently, he does have critical systemic hypertension.

This dog came in and was treated twice for its renal failure - once at the referring veterinarians and once at the UCD VMTH. Once its systemic hypertension was diagnosed it was treated, first with diltiazem, a calcium channel blocker, and then with prazosin, an alpha receptor blocker. Neither worked.


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