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Cardiovascular Medicine

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Case 17

Two-dimensional echocardiogram

Left sided view

echod2.jpg (25249 bytes)

This left-sided view shows the proximal descending aorta (AO) and the main pulmonary artery (PA). There is a structure between these two vessels but it cannot be visualized as well as it could from the previous right-sided view in this dog.

Color flow Doppler (Same view as above)

colorflow.jpg (30118 bytes)

The color flow Doppler revealed continuous flow going from the aorta, through the structure, and into the pulmonary artery. This frame is taken in systole and shows a turbulent jet flowing into the main pulmonary artery all the way back to the pulmonic valve.

Video clip of a color flow echocardiogram from a dog with the same abnormality as "Chico."


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