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Case 17


Post-op radiographs revealed a slight decrease in heart size and elimination of pulmonary overcirculation as well as the coils.

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Post-op auscultation revealed I/VI left basilar continuous murmur. Based on all variables examined, the PDA coil surgery was felt to be successful. In retrospect, the second coil did not change the size of the residual flow through the ductus so one coil would have sufficed. The residual flow on color flow Doppler was small and hemodynamically insignificant. It might decrease with time as fibrosis occurs. The dog underwent an uneventful anesthetic recovery and went home. Suture removal was carried out at the referring DVM. Chico has been happy and healthy since going home. His coughing stopped one week after he went home. The exact cause of his cough was never discerned (kennel cough?, bronchial compression?, mild pulmonary edema?).


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