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Case 25

Primary Clinicians: Kris MacDonald, DVM & Chris Dassler, DVM

Supervising Clinician: Mark D. Kittleson, DVM, PhD, DipACVIM (Cardiology)


bulletSix-month-old intact male Domestic Medium Hair cat ("Zach")

Presenting Complaint

bulletAccentuated breathing

Pertinent History

bulletThe owner found Zach as a stray when he was approximately 5 weeks old. He appeared normal, except for an ocular discharge. This was treated by the local veterinarian.
bulletTwo weeks ago, Zach presented to the referring veterinarian for vaccines. On physical exam, it was noted that Zach had slightly accentuated breathing, a mild wheeze, and mild abdominal breathing.
bulletRadiographs were taken.
bulletSince then, Zach has appeared healthy. He has a normal activity level. His appetite has been good, but may be slightly decreased lately.
bulletNo C/S/V/D.
bulletHe has an occasional white preputial discharge.
bulletHe eats Purina dry and Friskie's wet cat foods.
bulletHe tested negative for FeLV and FIV two weeks ago. He received his first FVRCP, FELV, and Rabies vaccines at that time.
bulletHe is an indoor kitty that goes outdoors when supervised.

Physical Examination

bulletQARH, T=101.8, P=192, R=66, MM pink, CRT 1.5 sec, BCS 5/9.
bulletFull hair coat.
bulletMild brown ocular discharge OU. Mild brown exudate AU. Nose moist with no discharge. No oral lesions noted.
bulletSymmetrically muscled and toned. No gait abnormalities noted.
bulletDisplacement of apex beat to the left  midthoracic wall. Heart sounds muffled on right side, and cranially and caudally on left side. No jugular distention noted. Femoral pulses good. No pulse deficits noted.
bulletMuffled breath sounds bilaterally.
bulletDifficult to palpate bowel loops in abdomen. No masses or organomegaly noted.
bulletKidneys palpate smooth and uniform. Bladder moderately full. No preputial discharge noted.
bulletNo gross neurological deficits.
bulletNo peripheral lymphadenopathy.


bulletAbnormal auscultatory findings

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