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Case 27

Presenting Complaint


Pertinent History

bulletMarso was treated for heartworm disease in 11/99 with the alternate dosing regimen (one injection followed by two injections a month later). He was subsequently treated for microfilariae in 1/00 with milbemycin. He presents today for a recheck and heartworm Ag test.
bulletMarso is currently receiving monthly ivermectin (Heartgard) for heartworm prevention. He has had no side effects from the medication and is doing well at home. He does cough after drinking water but this cough has been present since he was debarked and has not gotten worse. He has a good appetite and energy level.

Physical Examination

bulletT=102.0, P=108, R=panting, W=38.4kg
bulletGEN: BAR
bulletINT: Matted hair coat, skin is clean, no obvious masses.
bulletEENT: Normal
bulletMS: BCS=5/9. No muscle atrophy or asymmetry, no gait abnormalities.
bulletCV: Grade 1/6 left basilar systolic murmur, no pulse deficits, strong pulses, no jugular pulses, mm pink, CRT=1sec.
bulletRESP: Dog is panting.
bulletGI: No masses or organomegaly. Gut loops smooth.
bulletGU: Normal
bulletLN: WNL

Clinical Diagnoses

bulletHistorical dirofilariasis


bulletHeartworm Ag test negative.
bulletConclusion: Marso has cleared his heartworm infection. No further treatment or follow-up is needed. Continue with monthly heartworm prevention and annual antigen tests.

Mark D. Kittleson, D.V.M., Ph.D. All rights reserved.