Case Studies In Small Animal

Cardiovascular Medicine

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2nd Recheck

Case 27

Follow-Up Exam

Presenting Complaint


Pertinent History

bulletMarso has been doing well since the last clinical visit when microfilaricidal treatment (milbemycin) was administered. There has been no coughing, dyspnea, vomiting, diarrhea, or PU/PD. His activity level has been good.

Physical Examination

bulletCardiovascular: heart rate 100 bpm with no arrhythmias or murmurs; good and synchronous femoral pulses; no jugular venous distension or pulses. Mucous membranes are pink with normal CRT.
bulletIntegument: dull hair coat
bulletEENT: no abnormal findings
bulletAbdominal palpation: no hepatomegaly or masses, smooth bowel loops
bulletLymph nodes within normal limits

Clinical Diagnoses

bulletHeartworm disease - post therapy


bulletDifil test: negative for microfilaria
bulletPlan: Monthly preventative may be administered; recheck antigen test in 3 months.

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