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Case 28

Primary clinician: Kent Talcott, DVM 

Faculty Surgeon: Andrew Kyles, BVSc, DipACVS

Consulting clinician: Mark D. Kittleson, DVM, PhD, DipACVIM (Cardiology)


bulletFour-year-old female Siberian Husky weighing 20 kg ("Drifter")

Presenting Complaints

bulletSwelling on right front leg

Pertinent History

bulletDrifter presents to the Soft Tissue Surgery Service for evaluation and treatment of the soft tissue swelling on her right thoracic limb. The swelling developed approximately 5 weeks ago, and the referring DVM noticed a palpable pulse within the swelling.
bulletDrifter is a sled dog, and her owner reports that trauma is likely, but she does not know of a specific incident.
bulletDrifter is not lame on the limb, and is not painful upon palpation; however, her owner reports that she is "placing the foot carefully" when she walks or runs.
bulletDrifter trains during the winter for about 1 hour a day, and during the summer she runs free in a large yard with 20 other sled dogs. She was one of a litter bred by the owner, and is intended to breed as well as race. She has regular heat cycles but has not yet been bred.
bulletDrifter has been an otherwise healthy dog. Her owner reports that she had a "stretched ligament" from a difficult birth, but that any lameness resolved with physical therapy.
bulletShe is current on vaccines, and receives ivermectin in the summer and prophylactic fenbendazole for parasites.
bulletShe travels a great deal for races within Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and California.

Physical Examination

bulletGEN: BARH, friendly. T=100.9.
bulletINT: Thick coat, no cutaneous lesions. Slight tear staining. Soft, immobile swelling over anteromedial proximal antebrachium, approximately 3 cm wide, 1 cm high and 6 cm long, with palpable pulse and fremitus. No pain upon palpation.
bulletEENT: Eyes- clear anterior chambers and corneas OU. Ears- waxy but clear. Nose- clean, no discharge. Mouth- mild calculus and gingivitis, no oral lesions.
bulletMS: BCS=4/9, well muscled and symmetrical.
bulletCV: HR=70, grade II/VI left systolic murmur, moderate sinus arrhythmia. A continuous murmur can be heard over the limb swelling.
bulletRESP: RR=pant, no crackles or wheezes.
bulletGI: Gut loops smooth, no masses or organomegaly.
bulletGU: Small bladder, kidneys not palpable. No vulvar discharge.
bulletNS: No deficits noted on physical exam.
bulletLN: All WNL.


bulletFront limb swelling


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