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Cardiovascular Medicine

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Case 3

Primary clinician: Brad Gavaghan, DVM

Supervising clinician: Mark D. Kittleson, DVM, PhD, DipACVIM (Cardiology)


bulletFive-month-old M French bulldog weighing 7.5 kg ("Wolfie")

Presenting Complaint

bulletHeart murmur

Pertinent History

bulletA 5/6 heart murmur was heard by referring DVM at seven weeks of age. At twelve weeks of age, thoracic radiographs showed no heart enlargement. Owner feels that the intensity of the murmur has decreased since diagnosis to a 3/6.
bulletWolfie has no clinical signs. He has a very good appetite and is very athletic.
bulletNo past medical history and vaccines are current.
bulletDiet consists of chicken breasts, lamb and rice, and cottage cheese. 

Physical Examination

bulletBAR-hydrated. Temp 101.6, HR 126, RR 18.
bulletFull hair coat. Anterior chamber, conjunctiva, sclera, and cornea clear OU. Ears clean and smooth. MM pink, CRT 1 sec. Resists opening of mouth. 4/9 body score.
bullet6/6 systolic murmur at right cranial sternum; 5/6 left base. Split S2. Femoral pulses strong, symmetrical, and synchronous. No jugular vein distension.
bulletClear lung fields bilaterally. Stertorous breathing.
bulletSmooth gut loops, no abdominal masses felt.
bulletSubmandibular nodes 2 cm, prescapular and popliteal nodes 1 cm.


bullet6/6 systolic murmur with the point of maximal intensity (PMI) at right cranial sternum.
bulletSplit S2 (second heart sound)


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