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Case 30

Neurology Consultation

Synopsis (Findings)

bulletMentation - normal
bulletPosture - normal, hindquarters lower than forequarters, probably conformational
bulletMovement - strength normal, gait pattern normal, coordination normal, no involuntary movements noted
bulletPostural reactions -normal
bulletSpinal reflexes - normal
bulletCranial nerves - normal
bulletSomatosensation - normal
bulletConformation/muscularity - normal. The appearance of being a bit "down in the hocks" and low in the hindquarters appears to be due to his conformation.
bulletImpression - neurologically normal. This does not rule out an intracranial lesion, however. If your extracranial workup does not identify a cause for his episodes, we recommend an MRI. +\- a CSF tap. Thanks for asking us to look at him. He's a great dog!

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