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Case 32

Discharge Summary

bulletMickey was presented to the VMTH on 8/28/97 with a 2 month history of progressive vestibular dysfunction and vision loss. Auscultation of his heart lead to the discovery of a gallop rhythm. Cardiac ultrasound was performed and Mickey was diagnosed with DCM. The vision loss and DCM combined made us suspicious of taurine deficiency. The vestibular dysfunction is not explained by a taurine deficiency. There might be an unrelated brain disorder present as well. We are discharging Mickey on 8/29/97 with taurine supplement, 500mg PO BID, Lasix, 6.25 mg BID, and Enacard 1mg PO SID for 5 days and then BID until further notice.

Two weeks later

Taurine <2   NMOL/ML Plasma (Normal - > 60 nmol/ml)
Taurine 24   NMOL/ML Whole blood (Normal - > 250 nmol/ml)

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