Case Studies In Small Animal

Cardiovascular Medicine

Case 37

Primary clinician: Sarah Miller, DVM

Supervising clinician: Mark D. Kittleson, DVM, PhD, DipACVIM (Cardiology)


bulletNine-week-old male rottweiler weighing 9 kg (Howie).

Presenting Complaint

bulletHeart murmur

Pertinent History

bulletHowie presented to the UCD VMTH Cardiology Service for evaluation of a III/VI systolic murmur ausculted by the referring veterinarian. He and his sister were adopted 3 weeks ago. Four other puppies in the litter were stillborn, and 2 were presumably consumed by the mother. Howie has always been smaller and tires more easily than his sister. He has shown no signs of coughing, collapse or dyspnea/tachypnea.
bulletNo c/s/v/d/PU/PD. Diet: Science Diet puppy.

Physical Examination

bulletGen: BARH. T=101.0, P=160, R=pant. Wt=9.0 kg. BCS=5/9.
bulletInteg: Full clean hair coat. No masses or parasites.
bulletEENT: Clear OU. Mild ceruminous discharge AU. Slight serous nasal discharge bilaterally. MM pink. CRT < 2 sec. No dental calculus or gingivitis.
bulletMS: BCS=5/9. Ambulatory x 4.
bulletCV: HR=160. Grade V/VI systolic murmur heard bilaterally, loudest over right basilar region. Palpable thrill at right base. Grade I/VI diastolic murmur heard best at left apex. Femoral pulses strong and synchronous.
bulletResp: RR=pant. Lungs clear and eupneic.
bulletGI: Soft non-painful abdomen. Smooth intestinal loops. No masses or organomegaly.
bulletGU: Prepuce clean. Testicles descended bilaterally.
bulletNS: Mentally alert.
bulletLN: Mandibular, prescapular, popliteal < 0.5 cm.


bulletGrade V/VI systolic right basilar heart murmur
bulletGrade I/VI left apical diastolic heart murmur


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