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Case 4

Echocardiograms of the aorta

305760ao.jpg (23692 bytes)

This is a long-axis view of the heart taken from a right parasternal position. It shows the left ventricle (LV) and the aorta (AO).

305760aox.jpg (22167 bytes)

This is a cross-sectional view of the base of the heart taken from a right parasternal position. The aorta is in the center surrounded by the left atrium (LA), right atrium (RA), right ventricle, and pulmonary artery (PA). The edges of the three aortic valve cusps can be visualized and they are thickened.

305760sub.jpg (24690 bytes)

This view is immediately beneath the view of the aorta taken above. There is a circular ring of tissue (arrow) that is bounded by the left atrium (LA) on the left (of the dog) and by myocardium cranially and to the right (of the dog). This ring of tissue lies immediately beneath the aortic root and is smaller than the root of the aorta (compare to the previous view).


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