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Cardiovascular Medicine

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Case 5


echocrossx.jpg (21454 bytes)

This is a cross-sectional view of the left ventricle (LV) taken from the right parasternal region. The papillary muscles are very large and are hyperechoic. The left ventricular myocardium is thicker than normal.

echola.jpg (20916 bytes)

This is a cross-sectional view of the base of the heart with the aorta (AO) in the middle and the left atrium (LA) and left auricle (LAu) at the bottom. The left atrium is moderately enlarged.

Video of an echocardiogram from another cat with the same disease as "Alice" 

This is a right parasternal cross-sectional view of the left ventricle. The walls of the left ventricle are thicker than normal and the papillary muscles are markedly enlarged.



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