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Cardiovascular Medicine

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Dr K,  Wow. Great site, text. I am a UCD 91 grad. I wish we had this when I was there - probably would have gotten more answers correct on your tests ! I enjoy your witty encouraging responses when I get the answers to the quiz correct. I could actually hear your voice saying "correctamundo" Take care. (Bob Lavan)

I'm an Italian vet. Very useful and interesting. Good job!!! (Francesco Carrani)

I really liked your page, it's very descriptive on small animal cardiovascular medicine. You see, I want to be a vet when I grow up, so I surfed the Net for info and ya'll's site was high on the list! ;-) (Andrea)

What a wonderful site this is! I am a nurse and understand the medical terminology. It was very easy to navigate to the appropriate site I needed. Thank you! (Nancy)

Accessed this site for ABVP review module - EXCELLENT! A great teaching tool. (Gwen Robertson)

Have enjoyed the cases tremendously. Have sent the link to my associate. Wish other services would do this too! (Dr. Richard Teague)

"WOW! A veterinarian at the Dutch Veterinary Faculty told me that I could learn a lot of this site. How right she was! At the moment I'm studying for my last closing exam, and this site is a true revelation. I wish we had such initiatives here in Holland. If I end up with a cardiology patient at my exam, I know I can't fail anymore. THANX!" (Clement)

"A very good learning tool for veterinarians. It is thorough and easily followed. Thank you very much for the opportunity." (Raymond)

"Very useful information in an enjoyable format! Thanks for sharing! I'm learning how much I need to learn!" (Lucia)

"Awesome site, I have learned more here than I learned in veterinary school !" (Jacob)

"Wonderful CE site. Wish there were more like it. Thank you." (John)

"It's excellent that students in all the world can have access to this kind of information. In my case in Mexico we don't have experience and persons who know veterinary cardiology and we don't have enough information about this. Please don't disappear these pages from the Internet. Thanks." (Sandra)

"Good job Dr. Kittleson. I really appreciated the image quality and the final discussion of each case. Why don't you do a mailing list on the topic of small animal cardiology where vets interested in this field can submit challenging cases (with rads, echoes)? Best wishes." (Daniele)

"Keep it up" (Amarjit) 

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