William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital

Cardiac Surgery

Welcome to UC Davis Cardiovascular Surgery Homepage.

The information in this site is designed to provide information for students, referring veterinarians and owners who may be considering cardiovascular surgery for their pet.

The aim of the cardiovascular surgery team is to offer the highest possible quality of care for both our clients and their pets. We understand that finding out that a beloved pet has a heart abnormality is devastating for everyone concerned. Our goal is to offer choices for our clients and their pets. The ultimate decision of which treatment route to take always rests with the owner, and a wide range of financial, emotional, logistical and other concerns will ultimately determine which treatment is best for clients and their pets. Our job is simply to support those decisions and help our clients accomplish the treatment they choose, with the highest possible success. Education is the key to this approach, and the stimulus for this website. Helping our clients and referring veterinarians make informed decisions is the primary goal of our program.

Although this section of the website is dedicated to cardiovascular surgery, the Cardiology service at UC Davis is dedicated to helping clients and their pets receive the best possible treatment, whether that treatment involves medical cardiology, interventional cardiology (catheter based procedures), cardiovascular surgery or cardiopulmonary bypass (open heart surgery).