The Cardiology Service is equipped with upgraded and remodeled workspaces for state-of-the-art efficiency. We are a 100% digital service, with all examination recordings stored digitally on systems accessible from our other rooms, offices and remote locations.

Conference Room

This room contains a small library, desk space for three residents, a conference table for 8-10 people, a networked computer, a video projection system, and a video conferencing system for joint meetings with staff at our Davis and San Diego clinics. Both student and resident rounds, service meetings, Journal Club and other meetings take place here.

Examination Lab

This is the primary work room for the service and where we spend most of our time. It has two ultrasound machines (Philips iE33 and Hewlett-Packard 5500) and exam tables, three networked computers, holding cages, and two adjacent examination rooms for receiving patients and consulting with owners. Most of the electrocardiographic, blood pressure, and echocardiographic examinations are performed here

Ultrasound Examination Area

Our primary ultrasound machine is a Philips iE33 Echocardiograph with 2D, Doppler and 3D capabilities that is connected to an image server and workstation computer. The plexiglass table and pad are used to comfortably elevate small animal patients so that the examination may be conducted from below. Most routine resting electrocardiograms are also performed on this table, as well as ultrasound-guided drainage of pleural or pericardial fluid.

Cardiac Catheterization/Intervention Lab

This most recently upgraded room contains an OEC 9800 C-Arm Fluoroscope with 12' image intensifier and digital storage, a C-Arms International fluoroscopy table with foot switches and positional remote control, and BioPac MP100 PC based physiologic recorder. The room is used for diagnostic cardiac catheterization and angiography, as well as interventional procedures (balloon dilation, coil or Amplatzer device embolization, pacemaker implantation).