Clinical Activities and Procedures

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Mission Statement

The four main objectives of the University of California are Education, Research, Service and Patient Care.In keeping with these objectives, the Community Medicine Mission Statement is:

To provide valuable opportunities for clinical teaching to veterinary students in each year of the curriculum; to advance the field of veterinary medicine by contributing knowledge gained from our patients; to provide service to the community through education and serving societal needs as they arise, and to provide high quality patient and customer care.

Typical appointments are one hour in length and at least one student and faculty veterinarian examine each patient. We also offer technician appointments to accommodate the needs of individual pet owners, as well as thirty-minute appointments for follow-up evaluations of ongoing problems.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent education to pet owners while engaging them in the educational process of our students. We focus on wellness, stressing disease prevention through vaccination, proper nutrition, parasite prevention and routine spaying and neutering.

In addition to wellness appointments common problems addressed are weight management, pain control of osteoarthritis and ear and skin diseases. Health Certificates required for interstate and international travel are issued through the Community Medicine Service as well. Pet owners can schedule appointments for their pets by calling our general hospital number (530.752.1393) and asking for Community Medicine (Reception Area 3). All members of the community are welcome to bring their dogs and cats to our Community Medicine, as referrals are not necessary. Whether your dog needs a rabies vaccination and heartworm preventive or your cat has been losing weight and you want to have a thorough examination, we are happy to be your pet's primary care veterinarian.