William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital

Clinical Studies and Outcomes

The research program in Dentistry & Oral Surgery focuses on clinical research in veterinary dentistry in order to improve our understanding of oral disease processes, to expand upon available treatment options, and to optimize patient care. Investigational procedures are rarely performed on patients; rather, the utilization of patient material for clinical research is optimized by keeping comprehensive records, collecting specimens and samples, and ensuring adequate follow-up.

Current studies include the following:
  • Comparative oral pathology, including genotypic and phenotypic cellular differences in tumors from the oral cavities of different species
  • Dental radiology in the dog and cat
  • Diagnostic imaging of maxillofacial trauma in dogs and cats
  • Clinical dentistry in rabbits and rodents, particularly the management of malocclusion
  • Resorption lesions and chronic stomatitis in cats, including investigation of possible causes and treatments
  • Reconstruction following maxillofacial surgery
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