Laboratory Course

VSR 413L Laboratory Course

Course goals

This introductory laboratory course covers the principles of oral examination, oral radiography, routine periodontal treatment and dental extraction techniques.

Organizational aspects

The course is offered in the Winter and Spring quarters of the third year (two 4-hour labs per week) in Gourley Hall 1160. A maximum of 20 students can be accommodated per lab. The course is taught by the course leader, a resident, and an experienced technician or dental hygienist. The small animal dentistry lecture course (VSR 413) is a prerequisite. This course is a prerequisite for the clinical rotation. Students are graded as "satisfactory / unsatisfactory", based on attendance. Detailed laboratory instructions are provided.

Topical outline

Session 1 : Oral examination, routine periodontal treatment performed on canine and feline wet specimens; handling of periodontal manual and power instruments

Session 2 : Principles of oral radiography; radiographic positioning in the dog and cat; film processing; film orientation; normal radiological anatomy

Session 3 : Simple and surgical extraction techniques performed on wet canine specimens; handling of extraction instruments