William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital

Patient Stories/Case Studies


Tramp is a 1 year old male neutered Border Collie who ate a fishhook earlier this evening. The abdominal radiographs show the fishhook lodged in Tramp's stomach. There are also some bright lines near the fishhook, which are highlighted on the second image. The fishhook, as well as pieces of a rubber ball, were removed using a flexible endoscope passed down his esophagus.

Photo: Tramp


Rose is a 12 year old female neutered domestic shorthaired cat who was not eating. The abdominal radiographs showed small kidneys that contained stones, or calculi (highlighted on the second image). Rose was treated for her kidney disease and was eating and doing well when she went home.

Photo: Rosie


Petunia is a 3 month old female French Bulldog who had a sudden onset of trouble breathing. In the airway, there is a circular foreign object near the edge of the radiograph (arrow on second image). This was found to be a plant seed that she inhaled, and was removed uneventfully.

Photo: Petunia