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SVM News & Events - December 8, 2017
UC Davis Veterinarians Warn of Poisonous Mushrooms

Sacramento Bee - October 14, 2017
UC Davis Takes in Eight Severely Burned Cats, Vows to Love Them Like Their Own

UC Davis One Health Blog - July 20, 2017
4 Great Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe in the Outdoors

CBS News - June 23, 2017
Keep Your Pet Safe from These Summer Health Hazards

UC Davis News - Nevember 22, 2016
5 Holiday Hazards to Pets

Advance - Fall 2016
School Aids Injured K9 Officers

Today's Veterinary Technician - May 2016
Looking Forward, Looking Back: The Veterinary Technology Profession

KOVR-TV, CBS Sacramento - November 22, 2015
Animals Injured In California’s Devastating Wildfires Continue To Be Treate

Heartbeat (Special Edition) - Fall 2015
Keep Your Pet Safe During the Winter Holidays

Heartbeat (Special Edition) - Fall 2015
Meet Dr. Casey Kohen

Sacramento Bee - September 25, 2015
UC Davis Veterinarians Treating Dozens of Pets Badly Burned in California Wildfires

SVM News & Events - September 21, 2015
UC Davis Veterinarians Work Around the Clock to Care for Fire Victims

Pulse - August 2015
UC Davis Assists K-9 Officers

Live Science – December 20, 2014
6 Times Holiday Decorations Turned into Disasters 

Woodland Daily Democrat – December 13, 2014
UC Davis Veterinary Employee Reunited with Cat Missing for Three Years 

Veterinary Practice News – May 2014
UC Davis Shares Expertise with China Vets 

San Francisco Chronicle – March 4, 2014
Immediate Medical Help Can Save Pet After Poisoning 

DVM360 – March 1, 2014
Pets and Vets: Relatively New Veterinary Technique Saves Cat from Kidney Failure

AAHA Pets Matter – January 16, 2014
Medical Marijuana Threatens Pet Health

AAVMC News Room – January 15, 2014
UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine Professor Earns AAVMC/ZOETIS National Teaching Excellence Award 

CBS News – October 23, 2013
FDA Warns of Pet Illnesses Linked to Jerky Treats

Yahoo! News – March 5, 2013
Green Cleaning for Humans Can Still Sicken Pets 

Vacaville Reporter – December 24, 2012
UC Davis Veterinary Experts Offer Pet Holiday Safety Tips 

KTXL-TV, FOX Sacramento – September 24, 2012
Preventing Accidental Pet Poisoning