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Where can I get information about lethal white foal syndrome testing?
That test is performed at the Veterinary Genetics Laboratory (VGL).

I have a male calico cat. I heard that they are rare. Is anyone doing research on Calico cats?
Male calicos are rare. The calico coat color is caused by a coat color gene on the X chromosome. Since females have 2 copies of the X chromosome and males only have one, in females one X is inactivated. In the case of calicos, one X has the black gene and the other has the orange gene. Since the Xs are randomly inactivated, the cat ends up with black and orange patches. Male cats with calico coloring have 2 X chromosomes and one Y chromosome. This is very uncommon and can lead to an intersex phenotype. These individuals would most likely be sterile.

Can DNA testing determine who the sire of my litter of puppies was?
Yes. The VGL offers parentage verification. Litters with 2 sires can be registered as long as the parentage of each puppy is verified by DNA analysis.

I have questions about a condition that I am seeing in my kennel. I would like to know if it is inherited? Do I have to come in for an appointment?
Phone consults are available through the genetics service.