Fellowship Program in Renal Medicine / Hemodialysis

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This two year program is designed to provide advanced specialty training in clinical nephrology including: the basic science and pathophysiology of renal failure and its management; the basic and clinical application of hemodialysis in uremic animals; the pathophysiological basis of urinary disease, critical patient care, urinary imaging, urinary endoscopy, urodynamics, and medical aspect of renal transplantation. The program emphasizes training in clinical and/or basic research and publication of the findings

The Fellow is responsible for the management of animals referred to the VMTH for hemodialysis which include vascular access placement and the prescription, implementation, and monitoring of hemodialysis treatments. The Fellow also consults with the Small Animal Medicine, Surgery, and Emergency/Critical Care Services on animals with urinary disease, acute or chronic renal failure, and hemodialysis. The Fellow will participate in clinical and/or basic research in the areas of small animal nephrology/urology and hemodialysis.

The Fellow will co-participate with residents in the Small Animal Internal Medicine program by rotating among each of the clinic services overseen by the 7 faculty members in Internal Medicine and is expected to participate at our satellite hemodialysis program located in San Diego. Clinical rotations shall include attendance and participation at service rounds, resident rounds, Grand Rounds, journal clubs, seminars, research conferences, and teaching veterinary students. The Fellow will attend clinical rounds, journal club, and seminars by the Division of Nephrology of the School of Medicine.

Minimum qualifications include graduation from an accredited school of veterinary medicine, a one-year internship, a residency in small animal internal medicine, or the equivalent experience. Selection of the Fellow will be made on the basis of academic achievement, career objectives, letters of recommendation, and pertinent experience.

SELECTION WILL NOT UTILIZE THE VETERINARY INTERNSHIP/RESIDENCY MATCHING PROGRAM (VIRMP). For application procedures, salary and benefits, and other information about the residency program, please see General Information on the VMTH web site or contact the dialysis centers at Davis (530-752-1387) and/or San Diego (858-759-7235).

UC Davis, and the VMTH are interested in candidates who are committed to the highest standards of scholarship and professional activities, and to the development of a campus climate that supports equality and diversity.