William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital



Our clinical chemistry section is the largest clinical laboratory within our group, offering a wide array of diagnostic and research testing in many disciplines. We handle a large number of patient samples and can also process outpatient and research samples each day.  

Within our chemistry lab, we also perform coagulation testing, including thromboeslastography (TEG), complete urinalysis, and routine endocrine testing. For more complete information regarding coagulation and endocrine testing, please refer to the specific pages within the Lab Directory.

Services Provided and Analytic Tools

Our main general chemistry analyzers, the Roche Cobas C501 and C311, allow for automated high volume output with clot and liquid level detection and parallel processing ensuring reliable results. We offer a range of pharmaceutical drug levels for monitoring therapy, NEFA, Beta Hydroxybutyrate, and bile acid measurements in addition to specialized chemistry profiles with reported VMTH generated species specific reference intervals. We also offer a wide range of endocrine and specialized testing on the Immulite 2000. Other chemistry lab analyzers include an automated advanced osmometer, Urisys 1800 urine dipstick reader, Nova-8 Ionized Magnesium analysis, and extensive coagulation assays. We are OFA Thyroid approved.