Frequently Asked Questions

Photo: Patient Care Services

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Who takes care of my animal during the middle of the night?
The Patient Care staff with your animals 24/7. The staff medicates, treats, monitors, feeds, cleans, comforts, and exercises your animals, all under clinician’s orders.

Can I call the Patient Care staff to find out how my pet is doing?
This information must come from the clinician on your animal’s case. The Patient Care staff are not necessarily in a position to report this information accurately to you. 

What is the Patient Care staff’s training and background?
The Patient Care staff have degrees from two- and four-year colleges. Many of them are California Registered Veterinary Technicians. All of them go through a rigorous on-going training program within the hospital. Many of the Patient Care staff have been in the veterinary field 20+ years, with the vast majority of that experience gained right here at the VMTH. 

Do the Patient Care staff do anything besides taking care of patients?
Yes, the Patient Care staff have many responsibilities throughout the hospital. They coach, train and monitor veterinary students in many aspects of patient care and paraveterinary techniques. Patient Care staff also trains RVT students and interns. The staff provide the Transfusion Medicine Service with the staff needed to maintain the hospital’s veterinary blood bank, as well as many other activities.