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Surgery - Soft Tissue - FAQ

Do you do spays and neuters?
Yes. These procedures are performed by the students under the direction of the surgeons.

If my dog is on a special diet, should I bring my own food?
We do recommend that you bring your dog's special diet. We do have some special diets on hand, but we may not have yours available. If you have any concern about your pet's diet, you can contact our Nutrition Support Service.

Can I get a copy of the medical record?
You can get a copy of your pet's medical records upon request at no charge. Medical Records will contain your pet's visit summary and any diagnostics. For a copy of any diagnostic imaging such as radiology, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, MRI or CT, please contact our Diagnostic Imaging Service coordinator Roxie Peart, (530)752-9449. There is a charge for copies of diagnostic imaging studies.

Will my Doctor receive a copy of the medical record?
Yes. Your veterinarian will receive a copy of your animal's visit to the hospital mailed 10 days after the visit. He or she will not receive a copy of any diagnostic images. If your veterinarian would like a copy of any imaging we may have done on your pet, he or she may request this copy from our Diagnostic Imaging Service Coordinator. This will be a charge to the client. Please contact Roxie Peart at(530)752-9449. If your doctor is not listed as the primary care provider or the referring veterinarian, he or she will not receive copies of medical records.