Locomotion and Gait Analysis

Photo: Canine Gait Lab and including Equine/Canine Treadmill

Canine Gait Lab and including Equine/Canine Treadmill

Kinematic and kinetic data acquisition systems are configured for companion and equine animals, and for research studies. A 3-D kinematic data acquisition and analysis system including eight Vicon MX optical cameras is synchronized with dual portable Kistler force plates configure for canine use. Gait trials are acquired and analyzed with Vicon Nexus, Acquire, and Visual 3D software. Surface electromyography is acquired using a fully wireless 8-channel Noraxon DTS system. There are two large animal force platforms (90 x 90 cm, 25 kN vertical load, Kistler) mounted adjacent to two additional force platforms (40 x 60 cm, 25kN vertical load, Kistler) surrounded by a set of stocks to allow for measurement of weight-bearing of each limb during stationary standing of equine or medium-sized animals. Dual Photron Fastcam high-speed (up to 1000Hz) video cameras allow for kinematic data capture in outdoor conditions. A custom instrumented force-sensing horseshoe and tri-axial accelerometer allows for capture of all components of force and acceleration in other environments.