J.D. Wheat Veterinary Orthopedic Research Laboratory

Canine Gait Analysis

The canine kinetic/kinematic equipment is housed in the Equine Athletic Performance Laboratory (EAPL). A research treadmill is available for kinematic studies.

The following are clinical trials performed using kinetic data as an outcome measure:  Radiotherapy for pain relief for advanced elbow osteoarthritis in dogs, Radiotherapy for pain relief in dogs with osteosarcoma, Polymethyalmethacralate injection into osteosarcoma lesions as a pain relief

Kinematic studies: The effect of skin movement on the accuracy of kinematic data. The accuracy of 2D versus 3D kinematics in dogs. 

Kinetic studies: Configuring a standard force platform for use in small breed dogs. The effects of intraday and interday variation on ground reaction forces in clinically normal Labrador retrievers.

Kinematics, kinetics and electromyography is currently being used to examine the effect of thoracic-lumbar neuropathy on gait and efficacy of treatment.

Please contact Dr. Amy Kapatkin (email: askapatkin@ucdavis.edu) for questions about scheduling in this laboratory.

Canine Gait lab

Canine Gait Lab

Instrumented Dog

Dog instrumented with video-tracking markers and electromyography sensors

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