J.D. Wheat Veterinary Orthopedic Research Laboratory


Graduate Students

Head shot of Jen

Jen Symons, MS (PhD student in Biomedical Enigneering)

Jen is a graduate student researcher and lifelong equestrian. She is interested in equine athletic performance and injury prevention. Her dissertation research is focused on differences in racehorse limb dynamics on different racetrack surfaces.

Tiffany Sarrafian, BS, DVM (PhD student in Comparative Pathology)

Tiffany recently completed her equine surgical residency at UCDavis. She is currently pursuing research involving muscle regeneration.

Head shot of Vanessa

Vanessa Dahl, BS, MS (PhD student in Animal Biology)

Vanessa's goal is to determine if hoof conformation and characteristics can be used to predict injury in horses. Her study interests are horse hooves and their health.

Tim Thio, BS (MS student in Biomedical Engineering)

Sasha Curtis, BS (Masters student in Animal Biology)

Veterinary Students

Sarah Alwen

Past Students

Mandy Murray, DVM, PhD

Mandy's research was on Silicosis Associated Osteoporosis. For more details see the Silicosis Associate Osteoporosis webpage

Jacob Setterbo, PhD

Jake's research was on the Racetrack Surface in a Box. For more details see the "Track-in-a-box" webpage

Shinya Watari, DVM, PhD

Shinya research was in control of osteogenic differentiation induced by biophysical cues.

Lucy Anthenill, DVM, PhD

Rachel Entwistle, MS